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Wader Care

Welcome to the WildCoast crew!

While WildCoast stands by our awesome workmanship, there are some things you need to do to make sure your waders are ready for action to score your next big trophy.

Here are some top tips to keep you home and hosed...

Laundry WildCoast Style

 A V8 can't go full noise if it's clogged and neoprene is no different. To keep your waders in top form, you need to keep them clean from dirt, sunscreen, sweat and other grotty things they may come into contact with. Keeping your waders clean not only leaves them smelling a box of fluffies, it will also keep the breathability as good as new.

Rinse and Repeat

Our WildCoast waders are good to go after a soak and hand wash with the garden hose and detergent. Take a good look at the detergent label to be sure it is free from bleach and fabric softener. Please DON'T put these in a washing machine, use a pressure washer (water blaster), rinse in hot water or dryer as your warranty on our waders will be down the gurgler.

Shoot the Breeze

Once you have washed your waders, the only thing more important than spinning a yarn with your buddies is the time you spend air drying them thoroughly from the inside out. Don't store them until they're completely dried out as moisture can cause mildew to build up quicker than a rising tide.

Wader a Minute

We know you hate to press pause but we all have to get back to the grind. Waders are best stored out of direct sunlight and hung up as extreme heat or cold can lead to leaks and tears, and folding can cause stress along the crease points that can break down over time.

If stored damp mildew can break down the fabric and cause the seam tape to lift, and also develop an odor that won't be welcome downwind. If space is limited and you need to score some wardrobe brownie points, store them flat under a bed. 

Hit the Road

We know these are super comfy and you don't want to take them off but there will be occasions that they won't be the most appropriate attire so it's important care is taken when transporting your waders between your home and your secret Spot X. Driving in your waders is not recommended as not only can it affect safe driving, wear spots can be created with abrasion from seat belts, seat materials, buckles and other surfaces.

Wild Coast continues to grow and capture the hunters at heart -that's you!

We hope that you are stoked with your new waders and conquer all the awesome adventures on land and sea.