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Wild Coast Waders


WildCoast Waders

Hunting and fishing is in the blood for most kiwi families.

If it’s in season on sea or from the coast; if it can be hooked or scoped we won’t be far away to try our luck.

As our family and enthusiasm grew, our need for functional, versatile reliable, quality fishing equipment grew too.

WildCoast™ Waders are designed for all outdoor enthusiasts young and old who need the right kit for the terrain, climate and demands of New Zealand’s mighty coastline.

WildCoast™ Waders let kiwi families enjoy quality time together.

WildCoast™ introduces our Neoprene Children's Chest High Waders.

Designed to be ultralightweight and flexible with soft neoprene construction giving your little buddy maximum comfort and greater freedom of movement.




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From novice to expert our WildCoast™ range of Neoprene Waders is the perfect choice for outdoor enthuasiasts both young and old.

Multi-function accessories, enhanced safety features and user friendly buckles, WildCoast™ waders are durable, lightweight and suitable for a huge range of outdoor activities.

WildCoast™ Waders lets kiwi families enjoy quality time together on their outdoor adventures

Heat Sealed Seams


3M Thinsulate


Quick Release

Next Camo EVOS

100% Waterproof

Next Camo EVOS

Next Camo EVOS

(Extra-wide Versatile Open-terrain Stealth) 

A new extra wide open-terrain waterfowl big game pattern that is designed to conceal hunters in a number of open terrain environments, ranging from marshes and mudflats to open grassy fields.

The Next EVO pattern is made up of a combination of elements commonly found in marshland and open, grass-covered environments along with leaves limbs and twigs making it the perfect multi-environmental pattern for just about any situation.

With a “super-wide” repeat size of 60 inches across and an ultra-high definition print, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will disappear into virtually any setting.

With features such as the chest pocket featuring an oversized handwarmer pocket, an easy detach zippered shell pouch with shell loops and an integrated LED light system, the 1600 gram waders are your premium go to product for your hunting, white-baiting and fishing adventures!

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Camo Ammo pouch
Camo Pouch on front of waders
LED light on front of waders

WildCoast™ waders will give you the confidence to conquer all the awesome adventures on land and sea.